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6 Awesome Green Chargers

If you’ve got a lot of gadgets in need of a charge and are also into being green, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of the coolest Green chargers, they are all drastically different from crank operated to solar powered and are perfect for various off-grid applications.

Electree Wireless Charger

Electree Solar Charger

Electree is a contemporary tree-inspired solar charger utilizing photovoltaic panels as its leaves. The design allows you to attach clipper modules as you please enabling you to shape the tree as you wish as well as optimizing the branch placement for obtaining maximum sunlight.

nPower PEG Wireless Charger

nPower PEG Charger

The nPower PEG charger harnesses the power of kinetic energy from body movement and then passing on the juice via USB to your gadgets. The cool thing about this device is the fact that you don’t have to rely on sunlight like solar powered mobile chargers.

HiLight Lantern Charger

HiLight Lantern Charger

The HiLight Lantern is a multipurpose solar powered lamp with built-in charging functionality. It can produce 20 hours of light or 3-10 mobile phone charges from a 10 hour sunlight charge.

EcoXPower Charger

EcoXPower Pedal Charger

EcoXPower is a pedal powered LED light and charger for your bike enabling you to charge your smartphone, GPS, or any mobile USB charged device on the go.

Window Cling Solar Charger

Window Cling Solar Charger

The Window Cling Solar Charger is a solar charging device designed to cling to a window and soak up all those good old sun rays generating solar power which in turn can be used to recharge your electronics.

Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger

Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger

The Pocket Socket Hand Crank Charger is a hand-crank powered generator. Just plug in your device where ever you may be and crank away to restore its charge. The Pocket Socket is a perfect addition for a survival kit as it weighs less than 1 pound.