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Charge Your Electronic Devices Via Body Movement

We cover a lot of off-grid charging devices from solar powered to crank operated and everything in between. The nPower PEG does things slightly different, harnessing the power of kinetic energy from your body movement and then passing on the juice via USB to your gadgets.


Not only does the PEG make a good charger for off-grid situations, the cool thing about this device is the fact that you don’t have to rely on sunlight like solar powered mobile chargers. Also, when the internal battery reaches full charge, it will hold that charge for up to 100 days without any movement.


PEG works wonderfully as an emergency charger too, by shaking vigorously for 10 minutes you can get enough of a charge to make a quick emergency call from a dead phone. Currently PEG is compatible with over 3,000 hand held devices, but does not work with laptops, netbooks, or iPads. That being said, technology advancements will surely improve and open up that possibility in the future.